Q.  Will there be a web page to post photos of the class and their families?
A.  Yes if you send us pictures of you in High school or now including family members we would be glad to post them to you.  Send it to the e-mail address IHS2013@aol.com, or join our facebook group to see all the latest information.

Q.  Will you be calling us periodically?
A.  Hopefully not.  It takes a lot of time to make calls so that is why we request your e-mail.  We can cut down our time considerably if we bulk mail the information to you.

Q.  How often will you update and contact us?
A.  Probably twice a year to tell you about Homeday which we will participate in from here on until 2013 and possibly beyond.  Also as we get closer and have surveys we will use the e-mail for that so at that point there may be a few more e-mails.  The better the responses the less frequent we will need to do that.

Q.  Will you be posting the list?
A.  No as with any other mail list we will keep it private but we will help classmates contact other classmates as required.

Q.  Can I help?
A.  YES we will never turn down help.  Just contact us at IHS2013@aol.com we will surely find things for you to do.

Q.  What about class members that are no longer with us?
A.  We do not have enough information now to do a proper page as a tribute to them but this is something that we are looking at.  Classmates that are no longer with us should still be remembered as they were a part of our lives as well.

Q.  Why are you doing this?
A.  As Lynne put it to me, "You are Crazy"  but she thought of it too so we did it. 
Actually Lynne and I were having dinner a few weeks ago (4/09) and the subject of class reunion came up and we both liked the idea of helping (get that helping not doing) the class reunion.  We both have worked on events much larger and my wife did not shoot me for volunteering so I survived that.  As we got into it we basically acquired the task and the former group has been outstanding in supporting our efforts.