We have a small committee but a lot of people ready to help out once we get going if you wish to volunteer please e-mail us at IHS2013@aol.com and we will add your name to our list and we appreciate your help.

Comittee Chair

Ken Koncelik
Lynne Butler (Toplovich)

Volunteers (People that have said they would help)
Sue Frodyma (Gray)
Cindy (Lou) Rebar
Elizabeth Sourek
Derek Sadowski
Karen Zemba (Griffith)
David Grendel
Mary Katobish
Jim Zura
Diane M. Weseloh
Ann Marie Lazration
Sue Gragel (Lippard )
Nancy Pervanje (Wyndal)
Pam Hagwood (Stuchlak) 

A special thanks to Dianne Pajka ( Weseloh) for getting us started with contacts.

And also a special thanks to those that have we have contacted already and have provided us with additional information.